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Mirwais Neeka PDF is the Pashto biography of Mr. Haji Mirwais Hotak, the first founder of the Hotak family. This book was written by Mr. Abdul Rauf Benawa and in this way, he compiled a great gift for the Pashtun brothers.

Birth and family of Mirwais Khan Hotak:

Mirwais Khan Hotak was born in 1673. Kandahar, Afghanistan, is his birthplace. His father belonged to a rich and political family. The members of his family were of special importance to the people there. Because they were very strong and active socially and politically. His father’s name was Saleem Khan and his grandfather’s name was Karam Khan. Mirwais Khan’s grandfather was elected chief of the Hotak tribe.

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Details of Mirwais Neeka PDF:

PDF Book Name: Mirwais Neeka

No. of Volumes: 1

Author Name: Mr. Abdul Rauf Benawa

Category: Biographies, Pashto Books

Number of pages: 185

Language: Pashto

PDF File Size: 10 MB

History of the Hotak tribe:

This tribe was actually part of another tribe named Gilji. And the Gilji tribe was very strong and stable in Afghanistan. The tribe also had many political and social services. That is why all Pashtuns respected it.

The original home of the Ghilji tribe was Ghor, a region of Afghanistan. But the people of this tribe migrated to conquer some areas.

Establishment of Hotak Empire:

Mirwais Neeka proved to be a great leader and on his journey to success, he laid the foundation of an empire. It was named the Hotak Empire. This government was formed in 1709 and lasted for 29 years.

The list of Mirwais Neeka’s exploits is long. In 1715, this great leader passed away. Even today people remember him and call him by different names.

Download Mirwais Neeka PDF:

We have provided you with all the information about this Pashto PDF book. I hope you enjoyed the biography book. Greetings from me to all Pashtun brothers. Download the book and share it with your friends. Thanks.

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