Mirgi Lagane Wale Jinnat By Abu Hamza Zafar Iqbal PDF Book

Mirgi Lagane Wale Jinnat written by Abu Aiman Ahmed bin Mehmood bin Ibrahim and translated into Urdu bu Abu Hamza Zafar Iqbal. download PDF Islamic Urdu book or read online. In addition to the methods described in the Book of Wisdom for the treatment of diseases related to magic and giants, many people seem to treat patients with demonic and seductive miracles, the majority of whom consider themselves merely patients under the influence of epilepsy. The subject of magic is one of the important topics that scholars need to pursue through precise and authoritative dialogue because magic is practically in full swing in our societies and under the spell of mischief day and night in lieu of magical forms. That they deal with people with weak faith and those who are not Who are against their Muslim brothers, And they are happy to see them suffer from the punishment of magic, so it is important for scholars to warn people about the dangers of magic and the dangers of magic, and to treat magic in an orderly way so that people are so-called wizards for its healing and healing. Do not turn to the causes. One of the most common diseases caused by humans is epilepsy. Epilepsy is a traumatic disease that suddenly becomes invasive without any prior notice or indication to the person. As soon as consciousness loses its senses, some people turn to fake actors and courtiers in this situation. Runs and participants participate in the treatment. The book under review is a translation of an Arabic book by Abu Ayman Ahmad Yin Mahmood ibn Ibrahim. In this book, he describes the symptoms, causes and treatment of genital psoriasis in great light in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. This book will also be useful for those who are going to various causes these days to not only lose their wealth of faith but also to take away their money and sweat from their pockets. The renowned Salafi spiritual therapist, Mr Abu Hamas Zafar Iqbal, has served to translate this important book slowly for the Urdu scholar. Let the Almighty author, translator and publisher acknowledge his efforts.
مرگی لگانے والے جنات

ابو ایمن احمد بن محمود بن ابراہیم

ابو حمزہ ظفر اقبال
Jinnat By Abu Hamza Zafar

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