The Miracle Of The Immune System in Urdu PDF Free Books


انسانی جسم میں تحفضاتی نظام کا جائزہ
ہارون یحٰیی
ترجمہ:  محمد نذیراحمد
Free Download or read online pdf copy book of “Insani Jism me Tahufozati Nizam Ka Jahiza” Written by Harun Yahya and Urdu translation by Muhammad Nazir Ahmed , This is Urdu version book of  The Miracle Of The Immune System.When the contest of “sickness” and “recovering” yield place, our bodies become a battlefield in of an absinthian struggle. Microbes intrude into our physique and carbon rapidly. The body, however, has an apparatus that combats them. Known as the “immune system”, this apparatus is the a lot of disciplined, circuitous and acknowledged army of the world. This arrangement proves that the animal physique is the aftereffect of a different design. In added words, the animal physique is an affirmation of the absolute conception of God.The capital purpose of this book is to analyze how our allowed system, which protects the animal physique just like a acclimatized organized army, has appeared into getting and how it works. 

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