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Mein Ishq Aur Who by Qaiser Abbas PDF Urdu Books free Download or read online. The book Main Ishq Aur Woh Pdf is a fantastic motivational book by Qaiser Abbas. The author talked about numerous parts of life and gave the answer to the issues. He cited numerous Sufi artists and announced them the pioneers of life. He took the exercise of expectation and battled from those holy people. Mein Ishq Aur Woh is an enormous work by progress mentor, keynote speaker, motivational coach and smash hit creator, Qaiser Abbas. In light of 16 years of research on Sufi Wisdom, this is the first-since forever investigation of its kind. The book is an exceptional mix of present-day administration reasoning, brain research, administration and antiquated Sufi experiences. This showstopper views ideas, thoughts and standards of accomplishment and administration, in the light of musings of our Sufis. The message that our Sufis convey, is basic, clear, solid and impactful. We can locate a snappy arrangement, in their message for our standard issues. Qaiser trusts that the musings of our Sufis are more reasonable and interpretable for our kin. This book is vital and near his heart. Now free download in PDF or read online from the end of this post.

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