Media Mandi By Akmal Shahzad Ghuman PDF Book


Media Mandi By Akmal Shahzad Ghuman

Media Mandi By Akmal Shahzad Ghuman PDF Book Free Download or read online. The author mentioned the role of the media in the promotion of fine governance and the resolution publically problems. He describes the changes within the media business once the arrival of data technology.

Moreover, he praised the role of some legendary journalists the World Health Organization patronaged and trained several juniors. Akmal Shahzad Ghuman is the writer of the book Media Mandi Urdu book. it’s a wonderful comparison of Urdu and English journalism these days. the author talked about some black sheep in journalists World Health Organization is blackmailing individuals, companies, and totally different politicians.

He unveiled their corruption courageously and commented on their characters.  Akmal Shahzad Ghuman may be a senior journalist, researcher, and author of World Health Organization-authored helpful books.

He features Brobdingnagian data from print and electronic media. Moreover, he knew the necessities of recent times and therefore the role of media in the promotion of education and awareness. Now get a free pdf copy from the below links. You can also read the PEMRA Electronic Media Code Of Conduct 2015

Media Mandi By Akmal Shahzad

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