Mazhab Aur Science by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Urdu Books


Mazhab Aur Science by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Urdu Books free download or read online. In Religion and Science Maulana Wahiduddin Khan clarifies that there are two sorts of information. learning of things and learning of reality. So far as “things” are concerned, they show no property that can’t be explained by direct contention. Be that as it may, where realities are concerned, it is just an aberrant contention, which can toss any light upon them. Without a doubt, on account of logical facts, the legitimacy of aberrant, or inferential contention involves general acknowledgement. Since religious certainties are demonstrated by the rationale of the comparative inferential contention. It might really be contended that they fall into a similar scholarly section as logical certainties. The current examination has demonstrated that the desire to be religious is a characteristic and insuppressible feeling in man. Endeavours have been made to detail a man-made religion, however, in a universe where man is regrettably unequipped for landing at extreme realities, this has been a disappointment. This was unavoidable, for there is no man who is capable, without perfect direction, to build up a religion, which is inadequate correspondence with the certainties of the universe to help the animals who possess it. Now get a free pdf copy of this Urdu kutub from below links.

Wahiduddin Khan Urdu Books

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