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Master Sahib Urdu Book PDF which is free to download. It is a wonderful and interesting novel that will appeal to people of all ages. The main theme of this book is the relationship between a teacher and a student which the author has tried to present in a very interesting and wonderful way.

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The student’s name is Nihal and he is very naughty. Teasing Master Sahib is his favorite pastime. Master Sahib is horrified by his mischief. But still he does not punish him but use a different tactic to correct him. He inspires him with his own compassion, love and good manners and turns him into a promising and virtuous student.

Details of Master Sahib Urdu Book PDF:

PDF Book Name: Master Sahib Urdu

No. of Volumes: 1

Author Name: Rabindranath Tagore

Book category: Novel, Story

Number of pages: 35

Publisher: Indian Press Limited, Ilah Abad

Language: Urdu

PDF file Size: 2.49 MB

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