Markah in Battal Chinarkot Mansehra 1834 By Wahab Shirazi

Markah in Battal Chinarkot Mansehra written By Syed Wahab Shirazi. Free download pdf or read online history Book in Urdu. Battal  is placed in the Khyber Pukhtun Khawa of Pakistan. The area central station are spotted at Mansehra.Battal is the substantial union board of Mansehra.A nation that forgets its history darkens its future, so it is very important to get familiar with its history, history also teaches many lessons and revives dead hearts, it is history that turns foxes into lions. makes Unfortunately, Muslims today have become ignorant of their history.
 On the one hand, people have lost interest in reading books and studying, and on the other hand, our enemies have gradually removed the lessons of history from the curriculum.  
So today if you ask someone what is Khilafah? When did the caliphate end completely? Even highly educated people cannot answer these simple questions. Indifference is that we are constantly living in a sin but we don’t even realize it.  
The strangest thing is that apart from schools and colleges, even in our religious madrasas, no subject of history is included in the regular curriculum. He does not even know what sacrifices our ancestors gave.
Regarding the achievements of the Mujahideen of Syed Badshah’s caravan in the Konish Valley, Ghulam Rasool Mehr has mentioned something in his book History of the Mujahideen, which Maulana Syed Rafiullah Shah Sahib, a well-known personality of the Valley of Effort, intends to publish separately.
 revealed In this regard, he ordered me many times that we should do something in this regard, so I composed it and gave it a book form and also attached satellite images of important places and printed them and presented them to the service of Hazrat. 
 So the intention was that his photos would be printed and distributed throughout the region so that people could know about the exploits of the Mujahideen of Syed Badshah’s caravan in their region, but later it was published in a book. It became a program to publish in the format. So Maulana Syed Rafiullah Shah Sahib ordered me “those pictures are not clear, we should take the pictures from the camera and add them to this book.
 Due to my busy schedule, I could not go to Konsh Valley for about eight months, but August 8, 2013 It was planned to go to Konish valley on the occasion of Eid, so on the third or fourth day of Eid we set out on this expedition. When I reached Bill, Maulana Rafiullah Shah Sahib and his son Maulana Qasim Shah reached there, so we three.  
The people first reached the place to take pictures where about fifty-five martyrs who were martyred in the battle were buried. Since Ghulam Rasool Mehr wrote only the names of the places in his book, he did not explain the actual places and many names are now have also become obsolete,
so I think it is necessary to first give the introduction and location of all these places so that the readers of the book can easily understand which place was the center of Mujahideen and which place they used to guard the thieves and where was attacked by etc. A road leads to Bagram from the Martyr’s Burial Ground and the Sikh Fort, while the other road leads to Bhal Mandi Bazar.  
Yes, there is a very old woodworking shop (saw machine) on the bank of this canal, instead of going towards the market, you leave the road and pass in front of this shop and go a little further, then cross the canal and look ahead.
So there is a small cemetery, pass through this cemetery and climb to the right, then a few steps ahead you will see the burial place of the martyrs under a tall tree. Urdu Islamic history book contain war. 

معرکہ وادی کونش

مولانا سید عبدالوہاب شیرازی

ضلع مانسھرہ کے علاقہ بٹل،چنارکوٹ،وادی کونش میں ہونے والے معرکے کی داستان


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