Mardana Kamzori Ka Ilaj Quwat e Bah Herbs Desi Book in Urdu PDF


مردانہ امراض

 کے لیے اکسیری نسخہ جات

Mardana Kamzori Urdu
mardana kamzori ka ilaj desi book free download male weakness and knowledgeable book, problem, disease and natural treatment herbal remedy Urdu book “Quwwat-e-Bah Kya Hai” or “Mardana Quwwat barrane ki dawahain” jinsi kitab, also include reduced men health.  A gift for younger, very informative Hikmat book for young boys, who want to Care your body health with herbal home remedies. Find in this book topic are : successful husbands, better health practice technique, tips for successful married life, woman disease, vegetable and body power health stamina, side effect of wrong practice (Musht zani), herbal tips (Nuskay) for increasing body power, Nuska Ahtlam (Night fall), Jaryan ka Ilag, Surat Anzal (Early and Delayed) ka Ilaj aur dawa,  nuskha sorat anzal, and many jinsi or Urdu tips and totkay. Jari booti se ilaj, Kushta, home remedies and some Unani treatment. health treatment with English allopathic (medical) medicine. Men health treatment with herb (desi Ilaj).Namardi ka ilag, recharge your best life. An effective herbal. Read more click below links download or read online.

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