Malika e Sawat By Roshan Khan PDF Urdu Book Free Download

Malika e Sawat By Roshan Khan PDF Urdu book free download or read online from our ebooks library. The Urdu book Malika-e-Swat incorporates the narrative of the wedding of Mughal lord Babur with the little girl Bibi Mubaraka Yousafzai of Malik Shahmansoor Yusufzai. This book likewise portrays the occasions and the occasions when the Yousafzais entered Swat. Their life and the fights which occurred between the ruler of Swat Sultan Awais and the Yusufzai Pathans. The book is for the most part about the life and suffering of Shaheeda Bibi, who was the sister of Malik Ahmed and was the spouse of the lord of Swat, Sultan Awais. After her marriage with Sultan Awais, she was known as the Queen of Sawat. Khan Roshan Khan was an author and student of history. He created some sensible books on the Afghan clan and their history. Also, he expounded on the saint of Afghans and their virtues.
Malika e Sawat

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