Maksim Gorky Afsaney and Stories Kahanian by Mansoor Bukhari


International Afsany Aur Kahanian by Maxim Gorky 

میکسم گورکی افسانے کہانیاں

منصور بخاری

Free PDF download Meksim Gorky Afsaney and Story in Urdu written and translated by Mansoor Bukhari, Urdu translation international Adabi book of Maxim Gorky (Almi Adab se intakhab). Urdu stories and Afsaney of Maksim Gorky available in Pakistani local language. He was a Russian and Soviet essayist, an author of the communist authenticity abstract technique and a political activist. He was additionally a five-time chosen one for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Total pages 159 and PDF file size is 2.1 MB only.

International Afsany Aur Kahanian by Maxim Gorky

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