Makran By Dr. Hameed Baloch



عہد قدیم سے عہد جدید تک

 حمید بلوچ

Free download or read online Pdf copy Historical book of “Makran” written by  Dr. Hameed Baloch. This book belongs to  makran and Baloch history In The Urdu Language.Makran (Balochi: مکران)  is a semi-desert littoral band in the south of Sindh and Balochistan, in Pakistan and Iran, forth the bank of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. The name Makran derives from Maka, borne by an overlapping satrapy of the Achaemenid Empire. Another, earlier ancestry is from the Makar, or sea dragon, afterward the bulge whales or bang sharks that abound in the arctic Arabian Sea.The accompaniment of Makran was accustomed in the eighteenth century. Ruled by the Sardars of the Gichki Baloch family[citation needed] of Makran, who remained absolute until 1948. On 17 March 1948, Makran acceded to Pakistan, and on 3 October 1952 it abutting Kalat, Kharan and Las Bela to anatomy the Baluchistan States Union. The accompaniment was attenuated on 14 October 1955 if a lot of regions of the western addition of Pakistan were allowed to anatomy the arena of West Pakistan. If that arena was attenuated in 1970, the area of the above accompaniment of Makran was organized as Makran District and after Makran Division of the arena of Baluchistan (later afflicted to Balochistan).Makran was a free baronial accompaniment in an accessory accord with British India until 1947, again from 1948 a baronial accompaniment of Pakistan. 

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