Mailay Log By Tadeeb Akhtar Urdu Novels PDF

Mailay Log By Tadeeb Akhtar

Mailay Log by Tadeeb Akhtar Urdu Novels Online Download in PDF format or read online from our ebooks library. This is another astounding social, sentimental, and change story in Urdu that contains some ethical exercises. A tale for Online Reading on a delicate social issue of passing judgment on individuals and looking down on them for little reasons, particularly while meeting new families for propositions to be engaged.

A significant number of us have an accidentally harsh tone and tight personalities when we judge individuals just by their looks, race, language, and inception. The youthful age, particularly young ladies of Pakistan should all peruse this Urdu Stories composed by Tadeeb Akhtar, Social Activist and Novelist.

Maile Log Urdu Novel is distributed by Ilm o Irfan Publishers, Lahore, and brought to the Internet for web-based perusing and download The author talked about the adjustments in the social qualities which impacted the new age. She clarified the explanations behind expanding divorce.

Tadeeb Akhtar is a social dissenter, female writer, and story writer. She created some awesome books and books which increased a lot of prominences. On the opposite side, she had some interesting subjects and a one-of-a-kind composing style. Now get a free pdf copy file from the below links at the of this post.


Mailay Log Urdu Novel pdf

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