Mahe Shaban Biddat Ke Ghere Main By Khalil Ahmed Malik Book

Mahe Shaban Biddat Ke Ghere

Mahe Shaban Biddat Ke Ghere Main by Khalil Ahmed Malik Book pdf free download or read online. At times, the majority of Muslims are neglected from the worship of Allaah and some Muslims have made specific days only for special days in different months of the year, and they have included similar worship in religion, in Islam no way There is no evidence. And the proof that the methods do not meet with Allah and Sunnah Messenger is innovation and every innovation is misguided. The month of Ramadan, There is an innovation. The Urdu Islamic book is a reference to “Khalil Ahmad Malik Sahib in the surroundings of the month of Sha’baan.” He described the books related to Sha’ban month in the light of the Hadith, after explaining the correct, weak and narrative traditions in reality, in the light of Hadith, the other religions in Sha’ban. Allaah Almighty make this booklet a means of reform. You may read Musalmanon Ki Firqa Bandion Ka Afsana written by Maulana Syed Manazir Ahsan Gilani and Mahe Rajab by Mufti Taqi Usmani.

رؤیت ہلال اور اسلامی مہینے 

ماہ شعبان بدعات کے گھیرے میں

خلیل احمد ملک
Shab e Barat

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