Lehar Lehar Sagar Roay By Aslam Rahi Novel PDF Download

Lehar Lehar Sagar Roay by Aslam Rahi M A Novel PDF free download or read online from this website. This Urdu Novel Lehar Sagar Roay Pdf is another history story which depicts the Dhaka fall and the division of East Pakistan. Aslam Rahi MA is its creator. He talked about the explanations behind this fiasco. He brought up the job of the political and military initiative for the thrashing in the war. Peruse the tale of the partition of East Pakistan. Aslam Rahi told about the Dhaka fall. He talked about the sentiments of the whole individuals about resistance. Aslam Rahi is an astounding name in the historical backdrop of Urdu books. He composed an extensive number of books on the point of history. The historical backdrop of Islam and Muslims is the essential subject of his books. Now get pdf copy of this Urdu novel from the below links.
Aslam Rahi Novel PDF Download

Lehr Lehr Sagar

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