Le Sans Bhi Ahista By Rais Amrohvi Complete Free PDF


Rais Amrohvi Book Le Sans Bhi Ahista

لے سانس بھی آہستہ

رئیس امروہوی


Le Sans Bhi Ahista Complete parts 1 and 2 written by Rais Amrohvi. Self-culture training Hypnotism information book in Urdu, This book expressions base on Hypnotism, Meditation (Muraqabah), Spiritual (Rohaniat), and Psychology(Nafsiat). Rais Amrohvi Whose actual name was once Syed Muhammad Mehdi used to be a Pakistani scholar, Urdu poet, and psychoanalyst. Where writers have been informed about emotional and ethical values. He used to be recognized for his kind of qatanigari (quatrain writing). He additionally published a quantity of Urdu books on the topic of meditation, yoga, and metaphysics. He wrote quatrains for the Pakistani newspaper daily Jang for a couple of decades, a total of 248 pages and a pdf file size of 16 MB.

Rais Amrohvi Book Le Sans Bhi Ahista

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