The Last Three Minutes by Paul Davies in Urdu Aakhri Teen Minute


Aakhri Teen Minutes Urdu Translated by Arshad Razi

آخری تین منٹ

 ارشد رازی


Free PDF download Science research Urdu book Aakhri Teen Minutes, this is translation Urdu popular English book of The Last 3 Minutes written by Paul Davies and translated by Arshad Razi. The Author explains the end of time Conjectures about the Ultimate Fate of the Universe Study and researchers how the world would end.  the writer Paul Davies uncovers the most recent hypotheses, He talked about the entire condition which can be depicted before the three minutes of the finish of the universe. This is a standout amongst the unique science books to tag along in years. He has a tremendous information of heavenly life and wrote this super hit book Paul Davies is the most famous British astronomer and physicist-writer, this book translated into many other languages in the world. Now read online or download PDF format from this website total 134 pages and PDF file size 1.8 MB. You can read these books in Urdu Cosmos by Carl Sagan in Urdu and Andha Ghari Saaz.

Aakhri Teen Minutes
Paul Davies Urdu book

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