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Lal Masjid Operation Silence By Tariq Ismail Sagar Book in PDF download or read online. Lal Masjid Background Facts, Lal Masjid was a mosque located in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan in 2007. The imam of this mosque was Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and his child Hafiz Abdul Rahim. Lal Masjid started a dispute with the government of Pakistan in early 2007. Hafiz Mohammad Saeed submitted a list to the government which included the demands he wanted fulfilled. The government rejected these demands, and tensions between the two sides escalated as a result.

In mid-2007, the Taliban from the Red Mosque declared an armed rebellion against the government. The Taliban set up a siege around the mosque and launched attacks against the government. The government sent the army to take action against the Taliban. More than 100 people were killed in the operation, including Taliban, children, and women of the mosque.

Operation Silence Book by Tariq Ismail Sagar Tariq Ismail Sagar’s book “Operation Silence” provides a comprehensive and informative overview of the secret killings and disappearances that took place in Pakistan during the 1980s. The factors behind these events and their effects are mentioned in detail in the book.

The book also mentions the Lal Masjid incident. The book states that behind the Lal Masjid incident, there were also attempts by the government to put pressure on political opponents. The government saw the Red Mosque Taliban as a major threat and used secret services to silence them.

There are many similarities between the Lal Masjid incident and Operation Silence. In both cases, the government used secret services to pressure political opponents. In both cases, government action resulted in the death of many people, including women and children.

Lal Masjid Incident and Operation Silence are two important incidents in the political history of Pakistan. These incidents are an example of the use of secret services by the government in Pakistan to pressure political opponents. These events have had a profound impact on the political and social life of Pakistan. you may be read Shrikant Novel and  Devta Ki Maut by Tariq Ismail Sagar


لال مسجد پس پردہ حقائق

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