Lakh Jatan Kar Hari Novel Urdu By Muskan Ahzem PDF Download


Lakh Jatan Kar Haari scene 1 composed by Muskaan Ahzem is an Urdu Romantic Novel, in light of Love and Social viewpoints which featured numerous parts of life through certain characters in the novel. In this novel someplace, the shortcoming and absurdity of the lady have appeared, and her honesty is partitioned someplace. Among the most significant characters. Muskaan Ahzem is an Urdu Novelist and her two Novels Shaheed e Wafa and Gumnaam have just been distributed in the print structure and accessible in the market. The story tells the various jobs of ladies in our general public. They are rehearsing as a spouse, girl, and mother and doing different acts. A portion of their activities is brimming with insightful, and some are complete silliness. The creator valued their positive exercises, which give them bliss and happiness in life. Muskan Ahzem is a youthful capable story essayist and developing female writer of Urdu. In her short composition profession, she created some brilliant stories and long-winded books. Her accounts distributed in various processes and earned a lot of popularity and regard for her.

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Episode 1 

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