Laho Rang Falasteen by Salma Awan Novel


Urdu Novel Lahu Rang Falasteen

لہو رنگ فلسطین

 سلمی اعوان

Download PDF Urdu Patriotic novel Lahu Rang Falasteen Authored by Salma Awan. This Urdu novel is a profound moving story of the sufferings and issues of a persecuted country and the segment of their local land. It depicts Palestinian perspective, as well as the fearlessness and the sensitivities of such Jews who are the overseers of the genuine spirits of humankind and strikingly support the Palestinian perspective and investigate every possibility to demonstrate the Israeli unpleasantness and brutalities. Like the essayist’s past books, it likewise gives an amazing knowledge into the way of life and history of the 378 pages and PDF file size 25 MB only. 
Urdu Novel Lahu Rang Falasteen

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