Kuch Aur Nahi by Bano Qudsia Urdu Afsanay Book


Banu Qudsia Urdu Book Free Download in PDF

کچھ اور نہیں

بانو قدسیه

Free Download Urdu Afsanay by Kuch Aur Nahi was written by Bano Qudsia, Is a Short Urdu stories collection total nine 9 stories in the Urdu language.Bano Qudsia is perceived as a pioneer in the domain of TV plays. Some of them increased enormous notoriety over the fringe as a result of their imperativeness, warmth, and bravery. Strife is the single word she might want to oust from the lexicon. Read online now in PDF format, The following below stories in this file.
1 Tawajja ki Tlib
2. Kallo
3. Kal Kalechi
4. Ye Risha aur Peond
5. Bakri aur Charvaya
6. Inther Hoth Udasi
7. Kirkal
8. Murajehat
9. Aik aur Aik

Banu Qudsia Urdu Book Free Download in PDF

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