Kokshastra Book in Urdu Batasveer Old and Famous Litrature


Kokshastra Book in Urdu
Kok Shastra book in Urdu Ba Tasveer Old and Famous Literature Hindu book free download pdf or read online. The Ratirahasya is a medieval Indian Jinsi manual composed by Kokkoka, an artist, who is differently portrayed as Koka or Koka Pundit. The correct date of its composing isn’t known, yet it is assessed the content was written in the eleventh or twelfth century. Being the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka and other medieval Indian writings on love. In contrast to the Kama Sutra, which is an old sex manual identified with Hindu writing, Ratirahasya manages medieval Indian culture. Amid the medieval age, India turned out to be increasingly preservationist contrasted with antiquated India, the opportunity of ladies diminished, and pre-marriage and extramarital sex were disapproved of. A sex manual was required that would be appropriate for the medieval social atmosphere, and Ratirahasya was composed, very unique in relation to the antiquated content Kama Sutra. Now download in Urdu translated version of this popular Indian book. You may be read Koka Shastra Kashmiri book In Urdu and  Jinsi Zindagi Islam Aor Jadeed Science by Tariq Muhammad Chughtai.
Ratirahasya is the primary book to portray in detail Indian ladylike magnificence. The Urdu book ordered ladies into four psycho-physical sorts, as per their appearance and physical highlights.
  • Padmini (lotus woman)
  •  Chitrini (art woman)
  •  Shankini (conch woman)
  •  Hastini (elephant woman)

Kokshastra Book Batasweer
Kokashastra Batasweer Urdu

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