Koi Lamha Khawab Nahi Hota by Umera Ahmed PDF


Umera Ahmed Urdu Novels Free Download

کوئی لمحہ خواب نہیں ہوتا 
عمیرہ احمد

Title name Koi Lamha Khawab Nahi Hota (No Moment is a Dream) authored by Umera Ahmed in PDF format. It was initially distributed in Khawateen Digest and is presently accessible in Main Ne Khuwabon Ka Shajar Dekha Hai, a gathering of stories. This is social and romantic Urdu story for free easy and fast download. The tale (Kahani) of Momi, a young lady who begins to look all starry eyed at a person named Walid. Little mistaken assumptions and childish conduct on other’s part makes confusions in their relationship. Be that as it may, genuine romance isn’t anything but difficult to overlook. Download in PDF total 41 pages and file size is 15 MB only.
Umera Ahmed Urdu Novels Free Download

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