Kirthar Jo Safar By Badr Abro Sindhi PDF Book

Kirthar Jo Safar By Badr Abro
Kirthar Jo Safar  Written By  Badr Abro. Download PDF file or read online Travelogue Book in Sindhi language. Published by Sindhi Adabi Board.
Badr Abro is a Pakistani writer and travel writer. He is an experienced Karthar traveler, and has written several books and articles about Karthar.
Badr Abro’s travel book “Kirthar Ka Safar” is a famous book. This book describes the beauty of Kirthar’s mountains, forests, and rivers. This book also talks about the people of Kartar and their culture.
 Badr Abaro’s travel book “Carthar Ka Safar” is a must read book for everyone. This is a book that will help you learn about Kartar and enjoy its beauty.
Ranikot Fort. Found around 30 km southwest of Sann, in the Kirthar Range, roughly 120 kms from Hyderabad Toll Plaza and 262 kms structure Karachi. It is quite possibly of the greatest fort on earth. It has an expected distance across of 9 km.
Its dividers are on the typical 6 meters high and are made of gypsum and lime cut sandstone and total outskirts is around 29 km. While initially developed for bow and bolt fighting it was later stretched to withstand guns.
 It is presumed to be the biggest unexplored post on the planet. The reason for its development and the explanation behind the decision of its area are still unknown.
ranikot is the most talismanic marvel of Sindh. Unmistakable from five kilometers away its monstrous undulating dividers wind and dip over the slopes. With the perimeter of more than twenty nine kilometers, its dividers, manufactured with dressed sandstone and fortified with 45 bastions along the external divider, of which 7 are rectangular and the remaining are round.
 All adjusted through the ages to oblige the utilization of explosive, this maybe makes it the biggest fortress on the planet. Who developed it first and why? Is a puzzler yet to be determined via scientists. 
A few antiquarians ascribe it to Arabs, manufactured by Imran Bin Musa Barmaki, the Governor of Sindh in 836 A.d., some to Sassanians, and some to the Greeks or Romans and some to the Persians, and some even to the Great Wall of China!
In spite of the fact that the ancient site of Amri (Aamri) is close-by, and fossils and creature skeletons are found inside the fortress on the Lundi Hills, there is no hint of any old city inside the stronghold. You can Read more Sindhi books here. And also read Altaf Sheikh books.
کيرٿر جو سفر
 بدر ابڙو

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