Kids Stories Book in Sindhi PDF Free Download


Baby Stories PDF book in Sindhi 

ننڍڙن ٻارن لا۶کاڻيون

Kids Stories book in Sindhi PDF Free Download

A 3 Children stories pdf book in the Sindhi language, The stories for English books translate by Habib Sanae. First two word (Ibtadahi Ba Aker) In this booklet stories topic are Little Red Ridinghood Sindh translation is “Bhag Bhari” the story was published in Once upon time Book by Oxford press and Seconde story is “Jano ain Fharyan waro Kano” third story is “Adrak mani waro nanghar” there are three stories booklet. Moral Sindhi Stories for Children, Download or read online Sindhi PDF books from this website absolutely Free.

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