Kia Aap Ko Maloom Hai By Mufti Muhammad Akmal Madni


Islamic Urdu book Kia Aap Ko Maloom Hai

کیا آپ کو معلوم ہے 

مفتی محمد اکمل

Increase your Islamic common knowledge study this local Urdu literature. Get PDF Islamic Urdu book Kia Aap Ko Maloom Hai (Do You Know) Volum 2 and learn numerous things identified with Islam written by Mufti Muhammad Akmal Madni has a place with the Barelvi School of contemplations. This is a very informative Islamic Urdu book identified with the Islamic general information, Author discusses many problems and issue find in our society in the light of Islam, this book will help your Islamic general learning and data. The creator has talked about numerous things about Islam that individuals, for the most part, don’t think about such truths exhibited by the creator Mufti Mohammad Akmal, There are numerous other Islamic truths talked about in this Urdu Islamic ebook. Read literature of answer to a lot of questions, total pages are and PDF files size 8.3 MB only.

Islamic Urdu book Kia Aap Ko Maloom Hai

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