Khushal Khan Khattak Sowanih Hayat Life Biography Urdu Book

Khushal Khan Khattak book
Khushal Khan Khattak Sowanih Hayat Life Biography Urdu Book written by Dost Muhammad Khan. Khushal Khan Khattak was noticeable and adaptable Pukhtun artist and composition author. He was additionally a swordsman and being extremely faithful to the Mughals, he served them with full commitment like his predecessors against his individual Yusufzai and Mandarn (usually alluded to as Yusufzai) Pukhtuns for a long time before he betrayed the Mughals. Because of certain differences and diminishing favours from the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, Khushal Khan Khattak tried to induce the Pukhtun clans against him. In this association, he visited Swat also. He has lauded Swat and its beautiful magnificence and has made its examination with Kabul and Kashmir in this regard, however, has berated and denounced the individuals of Swat for different things and characteristics.
Sowanih Hayat Khushal Khan

Khushal Khan Khattak Biography

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