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Khuda Bol Raha Hai by Abu Yahya
Khuda Bol Raha Hai written by Abu Yahya is the portrayal of the glory of the Holy Quran in a remarkable manner. Its another turn in the story which started with “Hit Zindagi Shuru Hogi”. Meeting of Abdullah with his folks in Paradise. A short account of a noteworthy man whose life has been demolished. An account of an immature young lady who needed to make this world as her heaven. The adequacy of the Holy Quran which changed the lives of both. An exceptional and novel approach to comprehend and show the Quranic Invitation. It’s an enthralling story which you’ll unquestionably prefer to peruse till the end. This was a similar assumption of the greatness and significance of the Holy Quran which the writer has set before the perusers subsequent to lessening it to the writing in “Khuda Bol Raha Hai”. The story manages the life of heaven beginning with Abu Yahya’s first novel “Poke Zindagi Shru Hogi”. The primary character of the story is Abdullah and he has achieved the Maidan – e – Hashar (where the responsibility of the existence we spent in this will begin); yet with his passageway into the Paradise two additional characters have been presented and the first message has been passed on through their story. The story begins with life in Paradise. At first, the story moves at a slower pace, yet when the principle story starts the occurrences pick the pace and keep the perusers drew in till the end. Now the free download in PDf format or read online. You may read Aakhri Jang (The Last War) and Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi by Abu Yahya.

خدا بول رہا ہے

Abu Yahya Urdu Books pdf

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