Khawateen Ki Zima Dariyaa by Pro Fazal Elahi Islamic Urdu Book

Khawateen Ki Zima Dariyaa
Naiki ka hukum deny or burai sy rokny men aurat ki zima dariyaa pdf written by Dr Pro Fazal Elahi. Allah Almighty has ordered the Prophet (Peace be upon him) to the Messenger of Allaah and said, “The people of the Ummah, It is important to pay attention to your ability. But it is common to see that many people belonging to religion understand and understand the significance and needs of the Prophet,  to be honest, and practically, Or at least temporarily limit men to men that they have the work of men, there is no responsibility for women. In order to address women’s responsibilities in order to cope with spiritual thinking, in the light of trust and reliability of the Muslim women, in the light of trust and trust in the Muslim world, to prevent women’s responsibilities I am responsible for the preparation of this book from the women’s responsibility.
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