Khawateen Kay Khasusi Masail Free Download

خواتین کے خصوصی مسائل
Free transfer or scan on-line a requirement scan Urdu book for each Muslim lady “Khawateen Kay Khasusi Masail” and skim regarding the special issues of ladies within the lightweight of Islam. “Khawateen Kay Khasusi Masail” is that the title name of this Urdu book which suggests The special problems with women. This book is also an issue of associate degree Unknown Urdu book that is completely regarding the Muslims women’s drawback. The author of this book in additionally unknown. This can be associate degree Islam book that clarify the special malady like discharge. The unknown author has written book this within the lightweight of Islam as a result of he/she has collected the Holy Hadiths concerning the special problems with Muslim ladies. During this book you may be guided that what will Islam say regarding ladies worship once she is full of discharge. Khawateen Kay Khasusi Masail Pdf Urdu book largely centered on discharge and Islam. The author has written everything regarding discharge in Urdu language. The author has additionally written regarding the Kaffara once husband commits the gender together with his married person throughout discharge. The author has additionally spotlighted the Islamic orders for a lady once she has discharge. Khawateen Kay Khasoosi Masail Pdf Urdu book may be a distinctive and a close Urdu book regarding discharge. Though this book is for lady however married men can even get the Islamic steerage regarding discharge from this Urdu book. This can be a brief book however this book can utterly guide you regarding discharge in Islam. Khawateen Kay Khasusi Masail book is here in Pdf format and as long as thirty one pages with the little disk size of 4MB. You’ll free transfer or scan on-line Khawateen Ke Khasosi Masail Pdf Urdu book from the links below when the online pages.

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