Khas O Khashak Zamane by Mustansar Hussain Tarar


خس و خاشاک زمانے

مستنصر حسين تارڑ

A massive novel declared associate degree epic by dawn compassing the culture and traditions of Punjab from 1939 to 2009.Culminating in us and Canada. Mustansar Hussain Tarar could be a master craftsman once he writes, the words he uses speak themselves what they symbolize, the same old that means takes a distinct stance look glossier, lively, deep and aesthetic. Khas o Khashak Zamanay his latest novel revealed this year is another feather in his illustrious career as a writer. The story is therefore skilfully told victimisation all new and previous techniques- fantasy, stream of consciousness, wizardly realism simply to mention literary techniques, otherwise the acquirement used is additionally of a master creator, a master painter, and a master sculptor. One is gripped all time, one cannot miss one sentence, and you can not afford to miss one line once Tarar writes. The story runs during a wide landscape of your time and area. the past, gift, and future work as 3 dimensions of your time within the story, the past isn’t past and future isn’t future, past is often running parallel with future and future parallel with past within the whole story, whereas the reader is often aware that he’s gift within the story, in the now.The terribly initial page conjures up the reader wherever following dedication appears: dedicated to attar’s birds and new Adam the story starts during a village in pre -partition Punjab, then spreads and develops when independence in city, paying attention of all vital political and social events, like martial laws, 1965 war, 1971 war and fall of capital of Bangladesh. The story takes a replacement high when 9/11 once Afghanistan and Iraq square measure desolate. The ultimate chapters of the story square measure classic example of however associate degree creative person will use his historic heritage and rise to glorifying heights. Tarar uses attar’s trope of thirty birds in search of a king wherever the birds eventually notice themselves. Here Tarar’s character in search of truth finds a replacement Adam…it has terribly complicated plot depicts the state of mind of author whereas going into the life he spent. More additional it encompasses the event of a whole century from pre-partition to 9/11 and on the far side. It’d not be the historic reference however adequately conveys united states the categorization and mayhem we have a tendency to enclose our generation on the name of history that solely served dividing and subdividing our civilization within the name of faith, languages, caste and creed. Book revealed by herb e meal publications.

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