Khamosh Aksariyat Ka Ehtijaaj By Qazi Wajid


Free PDF Download Khamosh Aksariyat Ka Atijaaj 

 خاموش اکثریت کا احتجاج

 قاضی واجد

Free download Urdu book Khamosh Aksariyat Ka Ehtijaaj written by Kazi Wajid, This is Urdu Historical story and the book gets in PDF format, historical Short stories Urdu book. The main Subjects are: University and Society, New Economic theory, Europe ka, long War, About Bharat civilization, Noble Award, and Poet, Aik merhban Dost Ke Yaad Main and Ustad Daman. Total 138 pages and PDF file size 4.4 MB.

Khamosh Aksariyat Ka Ehtijaaj By Qazi Wajid

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