Khair Wa Barkat Ka Sabab Bismillah Ya 786 By Abu Khadija


Khair Wa Barkat Ka Sabab Bismillah Ya 786 By Abu Khadija Hammad Iqbal. The practice of writing the number 786 instead of Bismillahur Rahman has been in the subcontinent for a long time and now it has reached the point that some religious scholars and books have also started writing 786 instead of Bismillahur Rahman. Writing Bismillah-ur-Rehman al-Rahim’s numbers as its substitution or status is a gross violation of the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah because it is based on the 22 alphabet and their equivalent numbers in the Hebrew Scriptures. The booklet “Blessed Kasab” or “786” by Mohammad Saeed Taylor of Karachi, has been quoted as proof that in this booklet, it is wrong to write 786 instead of Bismillah because it is not so. Proves that neither salaf from the righteous is a new work in religion, which is subject to innovation. This Urdu books Published by Daira e Noorul Quran Karachi Pakistan.
خیر و برکات کا سبب بسم اللہ یا 786

ابو خدیجہ حماد اقبال

Bismillah Ya 786 By Abu Khadija

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