Kath Ki Auratein By Dr Saleem Akhtar Urdu Afsanay PDF Book


Kath Ki Auratein Dr Saleem Akhtar
Kath Ki Auratein has written by Dr Saleem Akhtar Urdu Afsanay PDF Book free download or reads online from this blog. This is a collection of short stories (Afsanay) in Urdu. Dr Saleem Akhtar was Prestigious commentator, Urdu short story author and educationist. He was a Goliath of Urdu writing with a major commitment to it, not just as books he had composed however a long profession instructing. He composed 88 books on various points like analysis, brain research, religion and culture and in different classes, including short stories, novelettes and travelogues. Dr Saleem Akhtar was conceived in Lahore on March 11, 1934. He got his initial instruction in Pune, India, where his dad was posted in military records. He did the registration from Faizul Islam High School, Rawalpindi, and BA from Govt Degree College, Lower Mall, Rawalpindi. After a short stretch with a paper in Peshawar. Dr Saleem Akhtar’s book, Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasar Tareen Tareekh, is a standout amongst his most known works. His initial short stories had sentimental and passionate subjects. Now get a free pdf copy of this Urdu novelette book from below links.

 (کاٹھ کی عورتیں (افسانے

از ڈاکٹر سلیم اختر
Saleem Akhtar Urdu Afsanay

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