Karo Kari Ya Tor Tora By Syed Abdul Wahab Sherazi

Karo Kari Ya Tor Tora by Syed Abdul Wahab Sherazi Free Urdu article in PDF format copy or read online from our ebooks library. Every year, thousands of women are killed in more than 50 countries around the world in the name of protection of family honour by their loved ones. The killers believe that their identity is linked to the family’s reputation. Therefore, whenever the family is scandalized, relatives become killers. They consider murder as the only solution to the situation. This ritual is also found in Arab countries, including Pakistan, India. Similarly, thousands of women are killed every year in non-Muslim countries, European countries and the United States. In the United States alone, about three thousand women are killed every year in the cycle of girlfriend and boyfriend. For the tribes here, such killings are considered not only legitimate but also good. Read more in Urdu download pdf file from below links.
 کارو کاری یا طورطورہ یا کالو کالی یا سیاہ کاری یا ونی

Karo Kari Ya Tor Tora pdf

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