The Captain’s Daughter (Kaptan Ki Baiti) by Alexander Pushkin Book

Kaptan Ki Baiti this is an Urdu translation of Russian novel Captain’s Daughter written by Alexander Pushkin and translated into Urdu language Khadija Azeem. Is a verifiable novel by the Russian essayist Alexander Pushkin. It was first distributed in 1836 in the fourth issue of the scholarly diary Sovremennik. The tale is a romanticized record of Pugachev’s Rebellion. The Captain’s Daughter tells how, as a careless youth and fledgeling officer, Grinyov was sent from St. Petersburg to serve in faraway southern Russia. Venturing out to take up this new post, Grinyov loses his shirt betting and after that loses his way in an awful snowstorm, just to be guided to wellbeing by a strange worker. Now download a pdf copy or read online of this novel from below links. You may be read And Quiet Flows The Don by Mikhail Sholokhov in Urdu and History of Russian Revolution by Leon Trotsky.

The Captain's Daughter

Russian Story in Urdu

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