Kalonji Maut Ke Siwa Har Marz Ka Ilaj Pdf Book



موت کے سوا ہر مرض کا علاج
Free Download or read online pdf copy booklet of “Kalonji Maut Ki Siwa Har Maraz Ka Ilaj” By Saeed Khan. Read this Booklet to know how you can get benefits of kalonji.  Kalongi is a remedy for all diseases except Death In Urdu The plants of Kalonji are begun throughout India in the anatomy of bushes. The acme of the bulb is about bisected a meter. It possesses dejected flowers. It is originated from Turkey and Italy. Later on, it was brought to Asia by physicians and able in India. Nowadays, it is able throughout India, admitting it is berserk developed too. Seeds are triangular in shape, atramentous in colour and acquire an astringent acid smell, accommodate an ample bulk of the oil. It is incorrect that Arabs learnt its use from Greeks because afore the appearance of Islam in the average east no description is beginning on almanac about its use. It’s ameliorative use was accomplished afterwards the appearance of Islam, since, Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) mentioned its ameliorative ability and abeyant of cure.in this book Kalonji Benefits,Kalonji Ke Faide, Kalonji Benefits In Urdu The atramentous seeds of the bulb Nigella sativa acclimated as an aroma in Asian cooking Reggae artisan Sizzla’s fourth flat album, appear as Freedom Cry in the United States and as Kalonji in Europe and Asia, Black Seed Oil contains added than 100 components. It is an accomplished healer and its areas of appliance ambit from alien derma affliction (psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, joints & attic massage) to centralized use as a analysis for assorted complaints (asthma, arthritis, allowed system).

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