Kala Chand Black Moon Urdu Travelogue Novel by Rizwan Ali Ghuman

کالا چاند
رضوان علی گھمن
Kala Chand Rizwan Ghuman
The title of this book Kala Chand means Black Moon, read a best Urdu travelogue and Novel, this is a true story written by Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman. This is a story of Pakistani illegal refugees some stay and live in Greece and European countries and some died during journey, is a unique romantic story and travelogue or (Safarnama) from Pakistan, Iran to Europe it is the 3rd part of the whole journey of Rizwan Ali Ghuman, first part is Muhajir (Refugee) and 2nd  part Doosro Khuda (The Next God) you can also read and download all these parts from this blog. This story starting the illegal and hard journey without a passport to Europe, own traveling story of this story writer he involved in love and romance the aim of this journey for arriving in the USA and finding new jobs he has promised his beloved.The best book for Asian tourists who want tour or journey to Europe. Action Romance and adventure travelogue story in Urdu local language. This novel as long as 225 pages and pdf file size 4.5 MB.
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