Kajoor Ki Kasht (Cultivation of Dates) Booklet In Urdu


کجھور کی کاشت
Free download or read online Pdf copy book of “Kajoor Ki Kasht (Cultivation of Dates)”. A PDF format Copy of books in Urdu for offline and Online reading.The natural name of the date palm, Phoenix dactylifera is evidently procured from a Phoenician name “phoenix”, which office date palm, and “dactyl ifere” gained from a Greek visit “daktulos” usual meaning a finger, delineating the organic product’s life structures . Another precursor alludes this natural name to the figurative Egyptian flying creature, “Phoenix”, which lived to be 500 years of age, and throwing itself into a burst from which it ascended with recharged development. This liking to the date palm, which can also re-develop thereafter blast harm, makes the winged animal and the date approach allocation this name, while “dactylifera” begins from the Hebrew talk “dachel” which depicts the natural product’s shape.

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