Kainat Ke Sarbasta Raz by Harun Yahya Mysteries of Universe in Urdu


The Creation Of The Universe Harun Yahya Urdu Book PDF

کائنات کے سر بستہ راز
ھارون یحیی

 مسز مہناز عطا چودھری

Free Download PDF copy Urdu book Kainat K Sarbasta Raaz. This is Urdu Translation book of Mysteries of Universe or The Creation Of The Universe written by Haroon Yahya and translated into the Urdu language by Mehnaz Atta Chaudhry for free read online and get a pdf file from this website.  Harun Yahya is the Islamic famous researcher and scholar from Turkey he writes many books and translated into many languages include Urdu in the worldwide. In this book total three Chapters one is Mysteries in the creation of Life (Takhleeq e Hayat Main Maujze), second is the creation of Universe (Kainat ki Takhleeq) and third is Wonders of Solar System and creating of Earth. Read in this literature mysteries of the universe, mysteries of the world, space mysteries and mysteries of the earth in Urdu and read about our Universe,  Galaxies, Planets, moon and earth in the light of Quran and Modern Science. You can also get Harun Yahya books in Urdu translation Dunnya Aur Us Ki Haqeeqt and Islam Aur Dhestgardi

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