Kahi Na Jaey by Mumtaz Mufti Afsanay PDF Free Download


Free Download Kahi Na Jaey Urdu Short Stories

کہی نہ جائے

ممتاز مفتی
Mumtaz Mufti  Urdu Afsanay books free download PDF or reads online. Mumtaz Mufti famous Pakistani Urdu Story writer he writes many popular Urdu Novels and Afsanay.Mumtaz Mufti began writing Urdu brief reports while working as an institution instructor before 1947. In the beginning of his literary career, he was regarded, with the aid of other literary critics, a non-conformist creator having liberal views, Total 177 pages and 2MB file size.
Free Download Kahi Na Jaey Urdu Short Stories

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