Justuju Ka Safar By Zeeshan ul Hassan Usmani Free Urdu Novel PDF


Justuju Ka Safar
Download a free PDF copy of Urdu novel Justuju Ka Safar means Traveling of Searching composed by Zeeshan ul Hassan Usmani. This is an anecdotal  Urdu short story of a man who spends his life pursuing the alleged “achievement” and once he gets all he longed for, he lost the significance of life. A special Journey and portrayal of current society, most profound sense of being and the mission of a significant life. now download pdf or read online. It is extremely a delightful Novel to peruse. It made me immersed in everything the time. Didn’t get exhausted for even a solitary time. The example of overcoming adversity is rousing. The effortlessness of musings and the way the author gets his thoughts from ordinary everyday assignments influenced me to respect him more. I’ll read it again in a not so distant future to get more pearls of knowledge. The author has portrayed his story in such an away, to the point that I had an inclination that I was conversing with my coach and he was giving me a well-ordered guide, regardless of whether it be profound or materialistic. Creator has imagined the present society of Pakistan in an adequate way, everything is said as it is in all actuality. this book as long as 264 pages and downloadable file size 4 MB you may read Haqeeqat Ki Talash by SUltan Basheer Mahmood and Aakhri Jang (The Last War) by Abu Yahya.

جستجو کا سفر

 ذیشان الحسن عثمانی
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