Breif Information Book About Jin And Jadu (Magic) in Urdu


500 Sawal o Jawab Brae Jadu o Jinnat

سوال وجواب برائے جادو وجنات

Jin Jadu Aur Shaitan Free download or read online About the jin information Urdu book “500 Sawal o Jawab Brae Jadu o Jinnat”. Five hundred Answer and questions about jadu and jinnat. Written by Dr. Raza Abdullah Pasha and Urdu translation by Saeed ur Rehman Hazarvi.Contact in this book in the Urdu language are history and Meaning of jin. why jin created to, read in this pdf Urdu book. Study about Muslim jinn and non-Muslim jinn. Satan (iblees) or satan info and meaning read in this Islamic book, Info book about Jinnat, Magic Islamic point of view in the Urdu language. Jadogar ke bare me maloomat. Ilam nujoom aur Jado.Read more download pdf file for offline study or read online. Total 524 page and PDF file size are 10.7MB

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