Jhotay Dajjal K Fitnay Book by Zia Uddin

جھوٹے دجال کے فتنے

مولانا ضیاءالدین القاسمی

Download or apprehend online Chargeless Urdu book “Jhotay Dajjal K Fitnay”(The devils/Fitnas of False Dajjal), authored by Maulana Zia Uddin Qasmi who is an Indian aborigine and Islamic scholar. Jhotay Dajjal K Fitnay Pdf Urdu book appears by Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Shariat, Kolkata India. This Urdu book is about to vanish the misconceptions a part of Muslims. The columnist Maulana Zia Uddin Qasmi has as well emphasized the accord of the Muslim Ummah. He has as well calm some verses from Qur’an with Urdu adaptation and as well calm some Hadiths in this baby Urdu book Jhotay Dajjal K Fitnay. Download chargeless or apprehend online Jhotay Dajjal K Fitnay from the beneath blinking tabs for free. 

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