Jawahir E Hikmat By Maulana Mohammad Ishaq Multani

 جواھر حکمت

مولانا محمد اسحاق ملتانی

Jawahir E Hikmat By Maulana Mohammad Ishaq
Elim o Hikmat Khazana book title is “Aik Hazar Jawahir-e-Hikmat”  Urdu Islamic Free download, Compiled by Maulana Mohammad Ishaq Multani, He has written a lot of Islamic Urdu books. Is a well known Islamic scholar from Multan Pakistan. This can be a very inspirational Urdu guide about Islam.Which is without a doubt the collection of speeches and narrations of Hakeem-Ul-Islam Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Tayyab Qasmi R.A who is a good identified Islamic pupil of Deoband tuition of thoughts. Maulana Mohammad Tayyab Qasmi is a respected Islamic scholar among the widespread Islamic scholars in Pakistan.On this e-book, he has written the speeches, narrations and Khutbat of Qari Mohammad Tayyab Qasmi.There are about a thousand sayings of Qari Mohammad Tayyab Qasmi.

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