Jashan e Youm e Azadi Manane Ka Shari Hukam Islamic Books


Jashan e Youm e Azadi Manane Ka Shari Hukam Islamic books free download or read from this Islami litrature collection. The life of man is compatible with sadness, anger and happiness, illness and health, profit and loss and freedom. Therefore, the Shari’ah has declared both patience and thanksgiving so that the servant should turn towards his creator at all times. Sermon on sadness, illness, illness, harm and depression is the order, and it is also a command to take measures to overcome them, while Sikh is pleased to give thanks to happiness, health, profit and freedom, as well as their Honorance is also ordered. If both types of circumstances are spent according to the nature and nature of the Shariah, then the reward will not be rewarded or otherwise. But our supplication is that in both cases, we repeat the divine commands. Instead of patience on difficult circumstances, do not despair, despair and despair, but the limitations in the moments of pleasure make the sharpness dramatically. Some examples of this are in front of us. You often have to see that when a home gets a flame, people’s languages run on goddesses and are telling the dead that “you did not even have time,” etc. etc. On the contrary, the word slavery comes and the meaning of slavery is generally considered to be enslaved by a human or group, nation or race, by any human, group, nation or race. Different countries around the world One day for a country to set up a country that announces the country and its government to celebrate the day and celebrate the country. This day, N ” or ‘Independence Day’. This day is celebrated every year. The book titled “Shariat order to celebrate celebration day” is a book of Saudi Arabia’s renowned scholar Alishkh Abdurrahman bin Nasser al-Bakr and al-Husain Hamid bin Abdullah al-‘Abbas, in which he celebrated in the light of Fatwa’s fate of Arab scholars There is a detailed discussion on Sharia’s order to celebrate independence. Allah Almighty is to accept his love in his face and increase his beauty in his sight.
جشن یوم آزادی منانے کا شرعی حکم

عبد الرحمن ناصر البراک

  حامد بن عبد اللہ احمد العلی

Youm e Azadi

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