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The author of the Japan Ki Kahani PDF book is Hakeem Muhammad Saeed and the original name of this book is “Saeed Saayyah Japan Mein”. This book of Hakeem Sahib is very important because Hakeem Sahib has written about his observation in the journey of Japan. The opinion of a person who has seen different parts of the world, region or country Will always be different and better than the average person.

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Introduction to Japan ki Kahani PDF:

Hakeem Sahib has traveled a lot in his life and that is why he expressed his views while compiling this PDF book in a very elegant manner. Japan ki Kahani is primarily written for children. That is why Hakeem Sahib has written his trip to Japan in the style of a story so that the interest of children is maintained. In addition to stating the facts about Japan, in the story of Japan, Hakeem Saeed Sahib had stated almost all the plans of the global enemies 25 years ago and this is a big achievement.

This is probably a factor that causes his martyrdom. His martyrdom created a stir among the people and after that, a lot was written about the personality, character, and services of Hakeem Saeed Sahib. Newspaper articles were written and many books were compiled. In addition to high-level research, a number of research competitions are being held for this purpose.

Details of Japan ki Kahani PDF:

PDF Book Name: Japan ki Kahani Urdu

No. of Volumes: 1

Author Name: Hakeem Muhammad Saeed

Book category: travelogue, Travel 

Number of pages: 175

Publisher: Hamdard Foundation Press, Karachi

Language: Urdu

PDF File Size: 21.85 MB

Publisher views:

I have read and seen thousands of travelogues from around the world. I have read about tourists from every country. But perhaps no tourist in the world has written a travelogue for newborns. In this field, your friend and new leader Mr. Hakeem Mohammad Saeed have this pride. He has laid the foundation for writing travelogues for infants.

Children! Your Hakeem Sahib is a very good tourist. When he goes on a trip, his purpose is not to have fun at all. Unlike the rich, he does not travel from country to country. He also works in travel

keep doing attends conferences. Brighten the name of Pakistan like an ambassador. He has so far presented more than 100 articles on science and medicine in at least 100 international conferences. He spread the name of Islamic medicine all over the world and introduced it to the world. This is one of his historic works. Hakeem Sahib is the first reformer of Islamic medicine in the last five hundred years.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. He told newborns interesting situations. Introduce history and enlighten the hearts and minds of newborns. Japan ki Kahani is the 32nd travelogue of your friend Hakeem Muhammad Saeed Sahib for you!

The trip to Japan began on August 20 and ended on August 28.

Services of Hakeem Saeed Sahib:

Hakeem Sahib’s real addresses were often children because he believes that they have to handle the future of the country and the nation. Keeping the national interest in mind, he made the education and training of these children his priority beyond his means and worked for it as much as possible throughout his life. In this regard, he also published a magazine for the good training of young children.

He named the magazine Hamdard Nonihal. He also published another magazine, Bazm Hamdard. After that, he organized a school for the education of children which was named Hamdard Public School. He is one of great the hidden entities whose deeds and services few people know about.

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