Jannat Ki Hoorain By Fazlur Rahman Al-Rasheedi

جنت کی حوریں

Free download or apprehend online addition admirable Urdu book “Jannat Ki Hoorain” and ascertain the adorableness of the women of Paradise (Hoor) in your own Urdu language. “Jannat Ki Hoorain” is the appellation name of this Urdu book which agency the Hoors of heaven. The appellation Hoor usually agency the admirable girls of heaven but according to Dr Zakir Naik, the appellation Hoor is an Arabic appellation which can be acclimated for battling sex i.e Hoor may be a macho for changeable and may be changeable for male. However in this Urdu book you will acquisition every affair about the adorableness of changeable Hoor in The Urdu language. This Urdu book is authored by Mr Fazlurrahman Al-Rasheedi who is an abstruse professor/scholar of Jamiat-ul-Uloom-Ul-Islamia, Banori Town Karachi, Pakistan. Jannat Ki Hoorain Pdf Urdu book is accounting in the blaze of the Holy Qur’an and Hadiths. The columnist has calm abounding verses and Hadiths about Hoors. This book is in fact accounting for those youngsters who are afterwards and in adulation with girls of this world. The capital aim of this book is to admonish the absolute position and cachet of a Muslim. This book will change your activity and you will overlook to anticipate about girls. This book is actually recommended for all Muslims youngsters who can apprehend and accept The Urdu language. Jannat Ki Hoorain is an abundant Urdu book about the Hoor of paradise. Jannat Ki Hoorain Urdu pdf book is the actuality in Pdf architecture and as continued as 68 pages with a baby deejay admeasurement of 3.7 MB only. 

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