Jangoon K Saudagar pdf by Masood Anwar


جنگوں کے سوداگر
مسعود انور

The book “Jango K Saudager” is an abundant job of Masood Anwar who is a bounded announcer from the better city-limits of Pakistan Karachi. Mr. Masood Anwar was the alone announcer who remained in the Kandahar arena of Afghanistan at that time if American air force was active in carpeting bombing in the said arena and as announcer he covered all the antecedent American war in Afghanistan. The said book is not alone about the Afghan war but in the said book he has as well discussed about all-embracing revolution, the anarchy of England, Illuminati and New Apple Order, the anarchy of France, alarm in France, the defeat of Napoleon, the American revolution, Russia and the May laws, Lenin, Russian revolution, the end of Ottoman Empire, additional apple war, aboriginal apple war, Spanish anarchy and abounding added capacity in Urdu accent He has acicular out some all-embracing leaders who are from Illuminati. Download or apprehend on band addition absorbing Urdu book “Jango K Saudagar” (The traders of wars) about warfare and some abstruse societies complex in the agitation activities in Pakistan abnormally in Karachi. Mr. Masood Anwar has apparent the Illuminati in Urdu language. He has as well discussed the Murder of Benazir Bhutto, the Sugar, Energy and political issues of Pakistan. In the said book, you will as well acquisition the Illuminati and free-masonic atrocious signs and some images of all-embracing leaders who were/are from Illuminati society.

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