Jadu Ka Asan Ilaj By Muhammad Munir Qamar PDF Urdu Book

Jadu Ka Asan Ilaj By Muhammad Munir Qamar PDF Urdu book free download or read online. Unlike the methods described in the Book of Wisdom for the treatment of diseases related to magic, giants, and visions, many people seem to treat patients with demonic and irrational charisms, the majority of whom are merely under the influence of epilepsy. The subject of magic is one of the important topics that scholars need to pursue through proper and authoritative writing because magic is practically pervasive in our societies, and mischief night and day, in lieu of magical forms. On the spread that they deal with those who are weak and those who believe Those who are angry with their Muslim brothers and are happy to see them suffer from the punishment of magic, so it is important for the scholars to warn the people about the evil, the dangers of magic and its disadvantages, and to treat them in a lawful way. So that people do not turn to so-called strange causes for its breakdown and treatment.
Commentary book “The Simple Treatment of Jadu You Can Do It Yourself” by a renowned Islamic scholar, author and translator of the book Maulana Muhammad Mannar Qamar, published in the 2002 issue of ‘Radio and Mukarma’, the weekly program “Islam and our life”. The collection is written by his liver, Ms Um Talha Nabila Qamar Sahib. In this book, in the light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, it is recorded that the treatment of magic and other diseases according to the correct method. In the light of the Qur’an and the guidance of the common people, it combines relevant provisions and suggestions and suggestions. This book is seemingly a short magazine, but it neglects the other books written on this subject due to its elegant and sophisticated information. This book has been published several times in the Holy Quran. But the feature under review is that the entire research has been published with a breakdown.
جادو کا آسان علاج جو آپ خود بھی کر سکتے ہیں

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